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Posts tagged acne
Why I Quit Coffee to Save My Hormones

Have you ever looked back on life and realised that moment, that decision or that event in time was the turning point? The turning point to a more positive you, the turning point to living your best life.

I look back 7 years ago and see that turning point in my life. You see 7 years ago I quit coffee!

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PCOS: Redefining the Problem

New research is changing the way we approach PCOS; it’s more than just high androgens and irregular periods. With a better understanding brings about new and improved treatment options. Don’t be left in the dark when it comes to your health, if you have PCOS or know someone with PCOS then read on and let’s get those hormones humming!

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Your Go-To Guide to Coming off the Pill Part 1

Stopping the pill can be a daunting time. Most women start using the pill not for contraception purposes but to treat menstrual issues like acne, period pain and heavy bleeding. But they don’t ‘fix’ these issues they just mask them so as long as you take the pill your symptoms are gone but as soon as you stop they will return. Coming off the pill whether it is to make babies or just to give your body a break from the artificial hormones can be a relatively smooth transition. It just requires a little pre-planning…

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