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Thank you for visiting. I’m excited that you want to know more. If you would like to book a consultation please see the booking section below. For all general enquiries, speaking invitations, or if you're just interested to learn more, please fill in the pop-up form below by clicking the 'Enquire now' button, or alternatively email: jacqui@jacquilamplugh.com I read every message that comes in and strive to respond to emails within 48 business hours. 

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You can book a consultation either in person (I’m located in Karratha) or via Skype using the form below. If you have any questions email me at jacqui@jacquilamplugh.com 

Please note: Maternity Leave details

Existing Clients: My last day in the clinic in Karratha is Wednesday 19th December 2018. After that consultations will be via telephone and you can book as per usual using the form below.

New Clients: Sadly I am not taking any new clients at the moment as I focus on helping my existing clients achieve their health goals as well as being mum to two under two. I will revise this in June 2019 so stay tuned!


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