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Packing My Hospital Bag for a C-Section


Packing my hospital bag seems to require so much more thought than packing for any holiday. Maybe because I’ve been on more holidays than hospital stays or because the nerves start to set in and I start trying to micromanage everything- sound familiar?

This birth is my second planned c-section so I know what to expect from the delivery and the recovery, which helps when it comes to knowing what I will need in hospital. If all goes well I will have a 4 day hospital stay. I’m thankful for being able to birth in Perth, having family around to help out with Bodie and to celebrate the joy of a new bub is so much more special when shared with family.

Here’s a little run down on my must haves for hospital. This is for a c-section birth if it was a vaginal birth my bag would look slightly different....

For me

  • Snacks - high protein snacks for energy and keep me full between meals. I love Bounce Balls as they are both delicious and good for you.

  • Phone charger - because there’s nothing worse than a dead phone.

  • Pads - because no one tells you that you bleed for up to 6 weeks post birth. Organic is the only thing you want down there. I use Tom Organics.

  • Breast pads - I hope I’ll need them. With Bodie I struggled to breastfeed so had no over supply issues but this time I am hoping breastfeeding is a lot easier for us.

  • Support shorts - Absolutely must have! I loved these SRC Health shorts after having Bodie they helped hold everything together and gave me the support to get moving sooner.

  • Homoeopathics - for pain and recovery. See my post on C-Section Recovery Tips for more details.

  • Weleda Nursing Tea - get that milk flowing and bonus it tastes great too.

  • Made by Fressko flask - brew my nursing tea and keep me hydrated. 3 litres of water per day is the recommendation for breastfeeding.

  • Weleda Nipple Cream - I use this as a face moisturizer most nights. Great for dry skin, smells AMAZING and is great for the obvious.

  • Moisturizer and lip balm - because hospitals are so drying.

For Bub

  • Colostrum - I started expressing colostrum and freezing it from 37 weeks just in case bub and I get separated (this happened with Bodie’s birth as he had to go to neonates for 24 hrs). This way even if I can’t be there to feed, bub is still getting colostrum.

  • Onesies - for bub I pack about 5 little outfits and just love these ones by Purebaby Organic.

  • Baby Wraps for feeding - just a couple

  • Toy for Bodie - something new for him to play with when he comes to visit. It may occupy him for 5min.

What’s not in my bag

  • Granny undies - Not necessary!! Just regular hipster undies are my choice. My C-section wound sits below my undie line so hipster undies are totally fine.

  • Supplements - let’s face it I’ll forget to take them with everything going on so I’ll just resume them when I get home.

I am not sponsored or get any kick backs from the products mentioned int his blog. They are just simply products that I like.