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Birth Story

Throughout my pregnancy the safest and best option to deliver bub was a constant point of discussion. It wasn’t until 6 days before the birth that I knew exactly how bub was going to enter the world. For those who have been following me throughout the pregnancy know that I have two fairly big scoliosis curves. When I was 17 years old I had an operation to straighten and fuse my thoracic spine (top half) but the lumbar curve was left at 40 degrees (a straight spine is 0 degrees).

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Heavy Periods: How Much is Too Much?

Do you suffer from heavy periods? You shouldn’t have to.

For many women ‘that time of the month’ can resemble a pretty gruesome crime scene. Heavy bleeding that just rushes out of you like a red river, never venturing too far from the toilet and only wearing black becomes a reality for many women at period time. I even had a client who said she would sleep on old towels because her periods were that heavy!

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How to come off the pill without breaking out

Thinking of coming off the pill and are worried about skin breakouts and acne? For many females this is a real fear especially if the reason you started taking the pill in the first place was to treat acne. This fear often leaves women feeling like a prisoner to the pill and dread the day they have to stop it. The fact is pill withdrawal acne peaks 3-6 months after coming off the pill. But you can prevent this simply, by how you nourish your body.

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